Eternity Mobile Apps - Case Study

2016 - Present

The Client

Eternity Health Clinic is one of the world’s leading health screening and checkup service providers. The Eternity Health screening programs are designed to safeguard people’s life and increase the vitality. Through their health management programs, they give people the chance to achieve their optimal health. Eternity Health management programs blend traditional healthcare with age management healthcare, and are managed through our award winning “P&L of your Health”. At Eternity they manage people’s health as they manage their company. The “P & L of your Health” provides health history, health forecast, health recommendations, health benchmarks and many more.





The Challenge

The Client required a mobile application which will be capable to improve user’s health and vitality. It should analyze the steps and distance they’ve walked on each day and enforce them to achieve their goals. The body weight, calories etc. should be shown in the app as well.

The app should advice each user on their diet and it should suggest meals for their nutrition. There should be a work out section where they can practice certain fitness workouts by the help of training videos.

The pre-recorded health reports and graphs must be loaded in the app and it should show all the health reports of the user presenting them in a graphical view. It should also forecast the health status of individuals.


  • Increase user interactions
  • Improve their customer’s health statistics


  • iOS and Android Platforms
  • Security
  • Engage the customer in the app by periodical notifications.

The Approach

Working closely with the Client’s internal team in creating the final product. Putting many security measures to ensure 100% security for customer’s health information.

The Design


The Development

We created a wireframe with all the screens which meet all clients’ standards. First we’ve created the android version and later completed the iOS version. We did many different QC tests before making the app ready to release in the respective app stores.

The Results

Amazing customer response and interactions received only days after the releasing the App. We added another Happy Client in the Codelattice Agency client list.

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